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Dissecting the grey zone between follicular lymphoma and nodal marginal zone lymphoma using morphological and genetic features

ABSTRACT: Nodal marginal zone lymphoma is a poorly defined entity in the WHO classification, largely based on criteria by exclusion and the diagnosis often remains subjective. Follicular Lymphoma lacking t(14;18), have similar characteristics which results in a major potential diagnostic overlap which this study aims to dissect. Four subgroups of lymphoma samples (n=56) were analyzed with high-resolution arrayCGH; Nodal marginal zone lymphoma, t(14;18)-negative Follicular Lymphoma, localized t(14:18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma and disseminated t(14;18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma. Gains on chromosomes 7, 8 and 12 were observed in all subgroups. The mean number of aberrations was higher in disseminated t(14;18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma compared to localized t(14:18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma (p<0.01) and the majority of alterations in localized t(14:18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma were also found in disseminated t(14;18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma. Nodal marginal zone lymphoma was marked by 3q gains with amplifications of four genes. A different overall pattern of aberrations was seen in t(14;18)-negative Follicular Lymphoma compared to t(14;18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma. t(14;18)-negative Follicular Lymphoma is marked by specific (focal) gains on chromosome 3 as observed in Nodal marginal zone lymphoma. Our results support the notion that localized t(14:18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma represents an early phase of disseminated t(14;18)-positive Follicular Lymphoma. t(14;18)-negative Follicular Lymphoma bears aberrations that are more alike Nodal marginal zone lymphoma, suggesting a relation between these groups. Four subgroups of follicular lymphoma were analyzed: NMZL (n=14), t-FL (n=12), LOC t+FL (n=16), DIS t+FL (n=14).

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Linde Braaf   Max Beijert  Ron Kerkhoven  Oscar Krijgsman  Krijn van Groningen  Stefanie Slot  Marit Roemer  Annegien Broeks  Olga Balagué Ponz  Bauke Ylstra  Patricia Gonzalez  Freek Bot  Daphne de Jong  Daoud Sie 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-40641 | ArrayExpress | 2013-07-16



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