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Changes in gene expression analysis of alphaCD3alpha/CD28 activated human naive and memory regulatory T cells (Treg) upon IL-7 treatment as measured by quantitative PCR array

ABSTRACT: This study evaluated changes in gene expression upon IL-7 treatment in human naive and memory Treg. CD4+CD25+CD127low naïve and memory Treg were isolated from fresh PBMC and separately stimulated with αCD3α/CD28 coupled beads (Invitrogen-Dynal) at a 1:10 bead/T cell ratio, treated with or without 10 ng/ml of rhIL-7 (R&D Systems) for 16 hours. qPCR gene expression profiling of CD4+CD25+CD127low naïve and memory Treg obtained from 2 separate donors. Cell lysates were prepared separately from the 2 donors and pooled prior to RNA extraction.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Paolo Monti   Anke Theil  Anne K Heninger 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-40755 | ArrayExpress | 2012-09-12



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IL-7 abrogates suppressive activity of human CD4+CD25+FOXP3+ regulatory T cells and allows expansion of alloreactive and autoreactive T cells.

Heninger Anne-Kristin AK   Theil Anke A   Wilhelm Carmen C   Petzold Cathleen C   Huebel Nicole N   Kretschmer Karsten K   Bonifacio Ezio E   Monti Paolo P  

Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 20121105 12

CD4(+)CD25(+)FOXP3(+) regulatory T cells (Tregs) control the activation and expansion of alloreactive and autoreactive T cell clones. Because uncontrolled activation and expansion of autoreactive T cells occur in an IL-7-rich environment, we explored the possibility that IL-7 may affect the function of Treg. We show that the functional high-affinity IL-7R is expressed on both naive and memory Tregs, and exposure to IL-7 results in STAT-5 phosphorylation. Naive, but not memory, Tregs proliferated  ...[more]

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