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Expression data in response to pepper leaf curl virus (PepLCV) infection in Chilli pepper at three leaf stage

ABSTRACT: A comparative study to determine the pepper leaf curl virus resistance machanism between resistant and susceptible genotypes at three leaf stage. To study the molecular mechanism of pepper leaf curl virus (PepLCV) resistance, pepper plants were exposed to PepLCV through artificial inoculation and hybridization on Agilent tomato microarrays. The expression analysis of PepLCV resistant and susceptible genotypes after artificial inoculation at three leaf stage showed that the resistance against PepLCV is due to sum of expression of hundreds of genes at a particular stage. Tomato microarrays consisting of 43,803 probes were used for whole genome expression analysis of chilli peppers for resistance against PepLCV. Transcripts from the leaves of resistant (BS-35) and susceptible plants (IVPBC-535) were compared in response to PepLCV inoculation at three leaf stage.

ORGANISM(S): Capsicum frutescens  

SUBMITTER: Mathura Rai   Major Singh  S P Singh  Sanjeet Kumar  Rajesh Kumar  Ved P Rai  Ved Prakash Rai  Ashutosh Rai 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-41131 | ArrayExpress | 2012-10-11



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