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Gene copy analysis of the F1 haploid progeny generated by Hypocrea jecorina CBS999.9 sexual development

ABSTRACT: H. jecorina undergoes a heterothallic reproductive cycle, and the mating yields asci with 16 linearly arranged ascospores. The sixteen ascospores are generated via two rounds of postmeiotic mitosis following the two meiotic divisions. We have discovered that viable aneuploid ascosporesare are frequently (~90%) generated due to a net gain of a conserved ~500 kbp genomic segment. Here we have compared whole genome gene copy number changes in the aneuploid F1 progeny, euploid F1 progeny, parental strains and the F1 progeny of RTU strain backcross with CBS999.97 . We determined genome-wide gene copy number in the genomes of ascospores generated from haploid wild-type strain. We also determined genome-wide gene copy number in the genomes of the F1 progeny of CBS999.97 wild type.

ORGANISM(S): Trichoderma reesei  

SUBMITTER: Paul W Hsu  Ting-Fang Wang   Chia-Ling Chen   Shu-Yun Tung   Yu-Chien Chuang    

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-41965 | ArrayExpress | 2015-01-10



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