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Evaluation of phenotypic plasticity in Rana temporaria tadpole development

ABSTRACT: Traditionally, the study of evolution has focused on heritable variation, because selection on non-heritable phenotypic variation was deemed non-important for its inability to cause evolutionary responses such as diversification of lineages. Recently however, it has been suggested that also environmentally induced phenotypic variation such as phenotypic plasticity can play an important role in adaptive responses resulting in diversification. The purpose of this study is to investigate the importance of phenotypic plasticity for the diversification of lineages, using life history, morphological traits, and genomic profiling during post embryonic development in plastic and non-plastic genotypes of the common frog Rana temporaria. Six animals each originating from four different islands were reared in either constant or reduced water conditions and hepatic mRNA levels of Gosner stage 37 animals evaluated by MAGEX DNA array analysis.

ORGANISM(S): Rana temporaria  

SUBMITTER: Nik Veldhoen   Nik J Veldhoen  Frank Johansson  Caren C Helbing 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-42274 | ArrayExpress | 2014-03-18



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Phenotypic plasticity in the hepatic transcriptome of the European common frog (Rana temporaria): the interplay between environmental induction and geographical lineage on developmental response.

Johansson Frank F   Veldhoen Nik N   Lind Martin I MI   Helbing Caren C CC  

Molecular ecology 20131014 22

Phenotypic plasticity might facilitate adaptation to new environmental conditions through the enhancement of initial survival of organisms. Once a population is established, further adaptation and diversification may occur through adaptive trait evolution. While several studies have found evidence for this mechanism using phenotypic traits, much less is known at the level of gene expression. Here, we use an islands system of frog populations that show local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity t  ...[more]

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