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Gene Set Enrichment Analysis reveals lineage relationships between mouse and human gliomas and identifies stem cells and PNET as distinct entities

ABSTRACT: Murine and human genome-wide microarray expression profiles (including GSE19404) were compared using Partek and Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) in order to identify similarities. A murine PNET-like tumour by morphology was found to resemble human ATRT, whereas experimental glioma resembled a particular human glioblastoma subclass. Tumour material was resected or neurosphere cultures pelleted. Part of the material was processed for histological analysis, another was snap-frozen for isolation of RNA. RNA was then labelled and hybridised to Affymetrix MoEx-v1 arrays and analysed using Partek. This array dataset comprises Affymetrix MoEx-v2 microarrays hybridised with RNA from brain-derived tumour material (CA), subventricular zone (SVZ)-derived growth transformed neurospheres (CATR) and control neurospheres (CS, GFP).

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Sebastian Brandner   Nick Henriquez  Nico V Henriquez 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-42515 | ArrayExpress | 2013-07-29



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Comparative expression analysis reveals lineage relationships between human and murine gliomas and a dominance of glial signatures during tumor propagation in vitro.

Henriquez Nico V NV   Forshew Tim T   Tatevossian Ruth R   Ellis Matthew M   Richard-Loendt Angela A   Rogers Hazel H   Jacques Thomas S TS   Reitboeck Pablo Garcia PG   Pearce Kerra K   Sheer Denise D   Grundy Richard G RG   Brandner Sebastian S  

Cancer research 20130725 18

Brain tumors are thought to originate from stem/progenitor cell populations that acquire specific genetic mutations. Although current preclinical models have relevance to human pathogenesis, most do not recapitulate the histogenesis of the human disease. Recently, a large series of human gliomas and medulloblastomas were analyzed for genetic signatures of prognosis and therapeutic response. Using a mouse model system that generates three distinct types of intrinsic brain tumors, we correlated RN  ...[more]

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