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Expression profiling of Grosmannia clavigera (Gc) under various conditions

ABSTRACT: Gc, a Mountain pine beetle associated pathogen, can survive from highly abundant pine chemicals ( e.g terpenes) and use some unflavored compound’s as carbon source. using RNA_Seq, we analyzed the transcriptome of Gc when it grew on limonene, mannose oliver-oil, oleic acid as carbon source, as well as when it survived from high concentration of limonene or heptane. We profiled the expression of some interesting genes ( ABC transporters, P450s) potentially involved in the tree-pathogen interaction. An ABC-G group transporter gene (GcABC-G1) was one of the most highly induced genes and characterized as a mono-terpene specific efflux transporter with genetic and molecular tools. RNA- seq also indicated Gc utilize limonene and oleic acid through the same beta-oxidation pathway. However the degradation of limonene is more complex and multiple pathways contributed to the survival/utilization. mRNA was extracted from Gc mycelium under various conditions and cDNA libraries were generated for pair-end sequencing. The 70-100bp illumina sequence read was mapping to reference genome and RNA-Seq was carried out in CLC genomic work bench.

ORGANISM(S): Grosmannia clavigera  

SUBMITTER: Joerg Bohlmann   Andrew J Mungall  Colette Breuil  Ye Wang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-43006 | ArrayExpress | 2013-12-31



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