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Comparison of the expression profiles of the 630E strain and a sigE mutant after 14h of growth

ABSTRACT: Compartment-specific control of gene expression during Bacillus subtilis sporulation is governed by a cascade of four sigma factors, sigmaF and sigmaG in the forespore and sigmaE and sigmaK in the mother cell. In this work, we combined transcriptional analyses and transcriptional start site mapping to define the sigmaF, sigmaE, sigmaG and sigmaK regulons in Clostridium difficile. A total of about 225 genes were under the control of these sigma factors: 25 in the sigmaF regulon, 97 sigmaE-dependent genes, 50 sigmaG-governed genes and 56 genes specifically controlled by sigmaK. A significant fraction of genes in each regulon are of unknown function and we can propose new candidates for spore coat proteins synthesized under the control of sigmaE and sigmaK among proteins previously detected in the spore proteome (Lawley et al., 2009 (PMID 19542279)). Global analysis of developmental gene expression under the control of these sigma factors indicate deviations from the B. subtilis model regarding the communication between mother cell and forespore in C. difficile. We show that the expression of the sigmaE regulon in the mother cell is not strictly under the control of sigmaF despite the fact that the forespore product SpoIIR is required for the processing of pro-sigmaE. In addition, the sigmaK regulon is not controlled by sigmaG in C. difficile in connection with the lack of pro-sigmaK processing in this bacterium. However, a control of the forespore on sigmaK targets is maintained through a sigmaF-dependent regulation of sigmaK-controlled genes, a process that bypasses sigmaG. Here, transcriptional profiling of the Clostridium difficile 630E strain vs. a sigE mutant after 14h of growth in MS is performed. Two-condition experiment: 630E strain 14h vs. sigE mutant 14h. 4 biological replicates for each condition, including dye-swaps.

SUBMITTER: Laure Saujet   Monot Marc  Marc Monot 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-43198 | ArrayExpress | 2014-02-20



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Genome-wide analysis of cell type-specific gene transcription during spore formation in Clostridium difficile.

Saujet Laure L   Pereira Fátima C FC   Serrano Monica M   Soutourina Olga O   Monot Marc M   Shelyakin Pavel V PV   Gelfand Mikhail S MS   Dupuy Bruno B   Henriques Adriano O AO   Martin-Verstraete Isabelle I  

PLoS genetics 20131003 10

Clostridium difficile, a Gram positive, anaerobic, spore-forming bacterium is an emergent pathogen and the most common cause of nosocomial diarrhea. Although transmission of C. difficile is mediated by contamination of the gut by spores, the regulatory cascade controlling spore formation remains poorly characterized. During Bacillus subtilis sporulation, a cascade of four sigma factors, σ(F) and σ(G) in the forespore and σ(E) and σ(K) in the mother cell governs compartment-specific gene expressi  ...[more]

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