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Insights into snoRNA biogenesis and processing from PAR-CLIP of snoRNA core proteins and small RNA sequencing

ABSTRACT: Background: In recent years, a variety of small RNAs derived from other RNAs with well-known functions such as tRNAs and snoRNAs, have been identified. The functional relevance of these RNAs is largely unknown. To gain insight into the complexity of snoRNA processing and the functional relevance of snoRNA-derived small RNAs, we sequenced long and short RNAs, small RNAs that co-precipitate with the Argonaute 2 protein and RNA fragments obtained in photoreactive nucleotide-enhanced crosslinking and immunoprecipitation (PAR-CLIP) of core snoRNA-associated proteins. Results: Analysis of these data sets revealed that many loci in the human genome reproducibly give rise to C/D box-like snoRNAs, whose expression and evolutionary conservation are typically less pronounced relative to the snoRNAs that are currently catalogued. We further found that virtually all C/D box snoRNAs are specifically processed inside the regions of terminal complementarity, retaining in the mature form only 4-5 nucleotides upstream of the C box and 2-5 nucleotides downstream of the D box. Sequencing of the total and Argonaute 2-associated populations of small RNAs revealed that despite their cellular abundance, C/D box-derived small RNAs are not efficiently incorporated into the Ago2 protein. Conclusions: We conclude that the human genome encodes a large number of snoRNAs that are processed along the canonical pathway and expressed at relatively low levels. Generation of snoRNA-derived processing products with alternative, particularly miRNA-like, functions appears to be uncommon. PAR-CLIP profiling for snoRNP core proteins NOP56, NOP58, Fibrillarin, and Dyskerin in HEK293 cells. Small RNA profiling using RNA-seq in HEK293 and HeLa cells, small RNA profiling using IP-seq of Ago2 associated small RNAs.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Andreas R Gruber   Dominik Jedlinski  Afzal P Syed  Hadi Jorjani  Mihaela Zavolan  Shivendra Kishore 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-43666 | ArrayExpress | 2013-05-08



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