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Expression profiling of glioma initiating cells (GICs) in the sphere and differentiation conditions

ABSTRACT: Glioma initiating cells (GICs) are considered responsible for the therapeutic resistance and recurrence of malignant glioma. To clarify the molecular mechanism of GIC maintenance/differentiation, we established GIC clones from GBM patient tumors having the potential to differentiate into malignant gliomas in mouse intracranial xenograft, and established an in vitro glioma induction system by using serum stimulation. Upon the serum stimulation, the GIC spheres showed increased cellular proliferation, motility, filopodia/lameripodia formation and adhesion to the culture dishes. Simultaneously, the NSC marker proteins such as CD133 and Sox2 were down-regulated, and the astrocyte/glioma marker GFAP and the malignancy marker CD44 dramatically up-regulated. To identify genes/proteins whose expression changes dynamically during the differentiation of GICs into glioma cells, these GICs were subjected to DNA microarray/iTRAQ based integrated proteomics. Within 4 hours of tumor removal from GBM patients, tissues were subjected to GIC preparation. After successive cloning, total RNA from GIC clones (GIC03A and GIC03U) on day 2 or 7 of subculture in NSC medium with or without 10% FCS was subjected to the analysis with Affymetrix microarrays. Simultaneously, the proteins extracted from the same set of cells were subjected to LC-shot gun analyses using the 8-plex iTRAQ method. We sought to obtain the information of the common molecules that were up- or down-regulated during the GSC differentiation process, and functional targets for the early onset of GIC-associated glioma.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: norie araki   Akiko N Niibori  Uichi Midorikawa  Norie Araki 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-43762 | ArrayExpress | 2013-01-26



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