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MRNAs and miRNAs expression data from AOM/DSS, AOM, DSS and control mouse colon epithelial tissue at day100 when tumor formed in AOM/DSS bearing mice --- miRNA microarray

ABSTRACT: To find out which miRNAs are significantly differential expression and potentially involved in the process of inflammation promoting carcinogenesis of colorectal cancer (CRC). We established a colitis-associated CRC (AOM/DSS, Azoxymethane/Dextran sulfate sodium salt) model, colitis (DSS) model and high dose carcinogen (AOM, about 5 times AOM amount given than AOM/DSS model) model. At day 100 when tumor formed in AOM/DSS bearing mice (colitis-associated CRC mice) but no tumor was found in AOM (high dose carcinogen) and DSS model, we employed miRNA microarray as a discovery platform to identify genes with the potential to involve in the progression of CRC promoted by inflammation. 5-7 weeks female BALB/c mice, (1) AOM/DSS group: AOM 12.5mg/kg i.p. at day 1, DSS drinking 5d/21dx3circles from day 5; (2) AOM group: AOM 10mg/kg i.p. 1/weekx6 from day 1; (3) DSS group: DSS drinking 5d/21dx3circles from day 5. The distal colon epithelial tissues were collected at day100 when tumor formed in AOM/DSS bearing mice. The miRNA microarray experiments were performed together.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Yuyan Gao   Yanqiao Zhang  yanqiao zhang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-44983 | ArrayExpress | 2013-05-10



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