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Scl specifies hemogenic endothelium and inhibits cardiogenesis via primed enhancers [ChIP-seq]

ABSTRACT: Scl/Tal1 confers hemogenic competence and prevents cardiomyogenesis in embryonic endothelium. Here we show that Scl both directly activates a broad gene regulatory network required for hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell (HS/PC) development, and represses transcriptional regulators required for cardiogenesis. Cardiac repression occurs during a short developmental window through Scl binding to distant cardiac enhancers that harbor H3K4me1 at this stage. Scl binding to hematopoietic regulators extends throughout HS/PC and erythroid development and spreads from distant enhancers to promoters. Surprisingly, Scl complex partners Gata 1 and 2 are dispensable for hematopoietic versus cardiac specification and Scl binding to the majority of its target genes. Nevertheless, Gata factors co-operate with Scl to activate selected transcription factors to facilitate HS/PC emergence from hemogenic endothelium. These results uncover a dual function for Scl in dictating hematopoietic versus cardiac fate choice and suggest a mechanism by which lineage-specific bHLH factors direct the divergence of competing fates. ChIP-seq with Scl, Hand1, Lsd1, Ezh2, H3K4me1 and H3K27ac in different cell types with mesodermal origin. Scl ChIP-seq in WT, SclKO, SclKO-iScl and Gata12KO mES cell derived day4 EB (embryoid body) Flk1+ mesodermal cells, SclKO-iScl ES cells and MEL cells; Hand1 ChIP-seq in WT mES cell derived day4 EB Flk1+ mesodermal cells; Lsd1 and Ezh2 ChIP-seq in WT and SclKO mES cell derived day4 EB Flk1+ mesodermal cells. ChIP-seq of histone modifications H3K4me1 and H3K27ac in WT, SclKO and Gata12KO mES cell derived day4 EB Flk1+ mesodermal cells, HPC7 hematopoietic progenitor cells and HL1 cardiomyogenic cells

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Yuko Fujiwara   Stuart H Orkin  Hanna H Mikkola  Dan Duan  Marc A Kerényi  Tõnis Org  Roberto Ferrari  Siavash K Kurdistani  Matteo Pellegrini  Tonis Org  Amelie Montel-Hagen  Rajkumar Sasidharan  Ludmilla Rubbi  Ben Van Handel 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-47082 | ArrayExpress | 2015-01-01



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Scl/Tal1 confers hemogenic competence and prevents ectopic cardiomyogenesis in embryonic endothelium by unknown mechanisms. We discovered that Scl binds to hematopoietic and cardiac enhancers that become epigenetically primed in multipotent cardiovascular mesoderm, to regulate the divergence of hematopoietic and cardiac lineages. Scl does not act as a pioneer factor but rather exploits a pre-established epigenetic landscape. As the blood lineage emerges, Scl binding and active epigenetic modific  ...[more]

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