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Differentially expressed genes after inhibition of methylation

ABSTRACT: Expression microarray of livers from 4 dpf control zebrafish larvae, larvae treated with azacytidine, and ahcy mutant larvae Comparison of expression from livers obtained from ahcy+/+ treated with vehicle, ahcy+/+ treated with azacytidine, and ahcy-/- treated with vehicle. We treated larvae starting at 2 dpf with 1 mM azacytidine or vehicle control. Livers were removed at 4 dpf, RNA isolated, and double amplified.


ORGANISM(S): Danio rerio  

SUBMITTER: Randolph P Matthews   Randolph Matthews 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-48804 | ArrayExpress | 2013-07-11



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DNA hypomethylation causes bile duct defects in zebrafish and is a distinguishing feature of infantile biliary atresia.

Matthews Randolph P RP   Eauclaire Steven F SF   Mugnier Monica M   Lorent Kristin K   Cui Shuang S   Ross Megan M MM   Zhang Zhe Z   Russo Pierre P   Pack Michael M  

Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.) 20110211 3

Infantile cholestatic disorders arise in the context of progressively developing intrahepatic bile ducts. Biliary atresia (BA), a progressive fibroinflammatory disorder of extra- and intrahepatic bile ducts, is the most common identifiable cause of infantile cholestasis and the leading indication for liver transplantation in children. The etiology of BA is unclear, and although there is some evidence for viral, toxic, and complex genetic causes, the exclusive occurrence of BA during a period of  ...[more]

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