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Genome wide gene-expression analysis of facultative reproductive diapause in the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae

ABSTRACT: Investigating essential physiological processes in diapausing mites by analyzing genome wide gene expression changes using custom-built microarray. We investigated the molecular biology of facultative reproductive diapause in the chelicerate Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) by analyzing genome-wide gene expression differences in diapausing and non diapausing T. urticae, using an Agilent custom-built two color gene expression microarray. Analysis of this dataset showed that a remarkable number, 11% of the total number of predicted T. urticae genes, were differentially expressed. Gene Ontology analysis revealed that many metabolic pathways were affected in diapausing females. Genes related to digestion and detoxification, cryo-protection, carotenoid synthesis and the organization of the cytoskeleton were profoundly influenced by the state of diapause. We also further confirmed the importance of horizontally transferred carotenoid synthesis genes in diapause and different color morphs of T. urticae. We made one comparison: diapausing mites (DIA) vs non-diapausing mites (NON-DIA), in 4 replicates. Both types of mites belonged to the T. urticae LS-VL strain. In this strain, approximately 30% of mites enter diapause under the experimental conditions applied. Hence, we were able to sample RNA of mites with similar genetic background that were reared under identical environmental conditions. The labeled cRNA samples were pooled and hybdrized to a custom Sureprint genome wide G3 Gene Expression 8x60K microarray. Data was normalized by Agilent Feature Extraction software (using protocol GE2_107_SEP09). Genespring software (Agilent technologies) was used for the statistical analysis of the data.

ORGANISM(S): Tetranychus urticae  

SUBMITTER: Luc Tirry   Astrid Bryon  Wannes Dermauw  Nicky Wybouw  Thomas Van Leeuwen 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-48858 | ArrayExpress | 2013-11-29



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