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Transmission of xanthomonads to Medicago truncatula seeds

ABSTRACT: Plant pathogenic bacteria disseminate and survive through transmission to and by seeds of hosts and non-hosts plants. To investigate the interaction between xanthomonads and developing seeds of Medicago truncatula, plants at the flower bud stage were spray inoculated until runoff with xanthomonads suspensions. Using the Medicago NimbleGen chip, a transcriptomic analysis was performed on seeds to characterize the molecular dialogue between Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris in an incompatible situation with M. truncatula seeds and Xanthomonas alfalfae pv. alfalfae in a compatible situation at two developmental time points (16 and 32 days atfter pollination (DAP). Six-condition experiment, 16dap_Mock versus 16dap_Xaa, 16dap_Mock versus 16dap_Xcc, 32dap_Mock versus 32dap_Xaa, 32dap_Mock versus 32dap_Xcc. Biological replicates: 6 controls (16dap_Mock, 32dap_Mock), 12 treatments (16dap_Xaa, 16dap_Xcc, 32dap_Xaa, 32dap_Xcc), independently grown and harvested. One replicate per array.

ORGANISM(S): Medicago truncatula  

SUBMITTER: Emmanuel Terrasson   Marie-Agnès Jacques  Sandra Pelletier  Olivier Leprince  Julia Buitink 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-49347 | ArrayExpress | 2013-07-31



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