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Analysis of the Epigenomic and Transcriptional Landscapes during mammalian spermatogenesis [ChIP-seq]

ABSTRACT: Adult germline stem cells (AGSCs) are multifunctional - they must self renew, maintain genome pluripotency, and prepare for gametogenesis – which involves meiotic and chromatin repackaging phases. To better understand AGSCs and gametogenesis, we derived high-resolution profiles of transcription, DNA methylation, 5hmC, and multiple histone modifications at key stages. First, AGSCs display chromatin ‘poising’ of enhancers and promoters of genes utilized in embryo development. Second, the pluripotency network in AGSCs is remarkably distinct from ESCs - lacking Nanog, Sox2, or Prdm14 expression.  Third, spermatogenesis involves stage-specific transcription and distinctive chromatin dynamics, but virtually no changes in DNAme.  Surprisingly, we observe co-incidence of RNA polymerase II, high H3K4me3, and DNA methylation at 20-35% of genes transcribed during gametogenesis - including piRNA clusters - but often observe attendant promoter 5hmC.  Our work reveals key differences between AGSCs and other germ/stem cells, and reveals both logical and unexpected chromatin-transcription relationships accompanying germline developmental transitions. Examination of 7 different histone modifications and 5hMC in 4 different cell types

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Diana H Low   Sue S Hammoud  Diana HP Low 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-49621 | ArrayExpress | 2014-05-19



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Chromatin and transcription transitions of mammalian adult germline stem cells and spermatogenesis.

Hammoud Saher Sue SS   Low Diana H P DH   Yi Chongil C   Carrell Douglas T DT   Guccione Ernesto E   Cairns Bradley R BR  

Cell stem cell 20140515 2

Adult germline stem cells (AGSCs) self-renew (Thy1(+) enriched) or commit to gametogenesis (Kit(+) enriched). To better understand how chromatin regulates AGSC biology and gametogenesis, we derived stage-specific high-resolution profiles of DNA methylation, 5hmC, histone modifications/variants, and RNA-seq in AGSCs and during spermatogenesis. First, we define striking signaling and transcriptional differences between AGSC types, involving key self-renewal and proliferation pathways. Second, key  ...[more]

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