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Runx3 function in splenic NK cells activated in vivo by IL-15.

ABSTRACT: NK cells are innate immune cells that recognize and kill foreign, virally-infected and tumor cells without the need for prior immunization. NK expansion following viral infection is IL-2 or IL-15-dependent. To identify Runx3 regulated genes, NK cells were isolated from spleen of IL15/Ra injected WT and Runx3-/- mice and sorted to obtain 3 subpopulations of immature (CD27) and mature (DP and CD11c) NK cells.


ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Joseph Lotem   Dena Leshkowitz  Yoram Groner  Ditsa Levanon 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-50120 | ArrayExpress | 2014-01-22



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Transcription factor Runx3 regulates interleukin-15-dependent natural killer cell activation.

Levanon Ditsa D   Negreanu Varda V   Lotem Joseph J   Bone Karen Rae KR   Brenner Ori O   Leshkowitz Dena D   Groner Yoram Y  

Molecular and cellular biology 20140113 6

Natural killer cells belong to the family of innate lymphoid cells comprising the frontline defense against infected and transformed cells. Development and activation of natural killer cells is highly dependent on interleukin-15 signaling. However, very little is known about the transcription program driving this process. The transcription factor Runx3 is highly expressed in natural killer cells, but its function in these cells is largely unknown. We show that loss of Runx3 impaired interleukin-  ...[more]

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