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Prospective molecular profiling of canine cancers provides a clinically relevant comparative model for evaluating precision medicine (PMed) trials

ABSTRACT: Feasibility trial to examine the ability to conduct molecular guided therapy in a geographically distributed systems within strict time constraints Canine patients were enrolled across a broad panel of tumor types where tumor samples were acquired and processed to preserve RNA quality for genomic analysis at distributed locations to predict possible effective therapies. Genomic driven therapy suggestion derived using a collection of algorithms based on tumor expression levels.

ORGANISM(S): Canis lupus  

SUBMITTER: David Vail   David Cherba  Chand Khanna1  Mark Neff  Barbara Davis  Christopher Kingsley  Brad Charles  Michael Childress  Melissa Paoloni  Jeffrey Trent  Heather Fehling  Michael Henson  Seungchan Kim  E.J. Ehrhart  Christina Mazcko  Barbara Kitchell  Leena Kumar  Susan Lana  Craig Webb 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-51131 | ArrayExpress | 2014-04-28



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Molecularly-guided trials (i.e. PMed) now seek to aid clinical decision-making by matching cancer targets with therapeutic options. Progress has been hampered by the lack of cancer models that account for individual-to-individual heterogeneity within and across cancer types. Naturally occurring cancers in pet animals are heterogeneous and thus provide an opportunity to answer questions about these PMed strategies and optimize translation to human patients. In order to realize this opportunity, i  ...[more]

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