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Dual roles of RNF2 in melanoma progression [expression]

ABSTRACT: Epigenetic regulators have emerged as critical factors governing the biology of cancer. Here, in the context of melanoma, we show that RNF2 is prognostic, exhibiting progression-correlated expression in human melanocytic neoplasms. Through a series of gain of function and loss of function studies, we establish that RNF2 is oncogenic and pro-metastatic. Mechanistically, RNF2-mediated invasive behavior is dependent on its ability to mono-ubiquitinate H2AK119 at the promoter of LTBP2, resulting in silencing of this negative regulator of TGFβ signaling. In contrast, RNF2's oncogenic activity did not require its catalytic activity nor derives from its canonical gene repression function, rather RNF2 drives proliferation through direct transcriptional up-regulation of the cell cycle regulator CCND2. In summary, RNF2 regulates distinct biological processes in the genesis and progression of melanoma via distinct molecular mechanisms, underscoring the complex and multi-faceted actions of epigenetic regulators in cancer. RNF2 is overexpressed in immortalized human melanocytes HMEL-BRAFV600E to address impact of RNF2 overexpression in melanoma. GFP was overexpressed in HMEL-BRAFV600E cells as a control cell line. Expression profiling using microarray was performed and compared between RNF2 overexpressing versus GFP overexpressing HMEL-BRAFV600E cells.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Kunal Rai   Lynda Chin  Kadir C Akdemir  Kadir Caner Akdemir 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-51928 | ArrayExpress | 2016-07-03



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