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The budding yeast Centromere DNA Element II wraps a stable Cse4 hemisome in either orientation in vivo

ABSTRACT: High resolution ChIP-seq mapping, supported by in vitro reconstitution studies, suggests that the Cse4 nucleosome is a hemisome that occupies the ~80-bp AT-rich CDEII sequence. H4S47C-anchored cleavage mapping of S. cerevisiae centromeres

ORGANISM(S): Saccharomyces cerevisiae  

SUBMITTER: Kristina Krassovsky  Terri D Bryson   Srinivas Ramachandran   Kristin Brogaard   Steven Henikoff   Jonathan Widom   Ji-ping Wang   Jorja Henikoff   Jorja G Henikoff    

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-51949 | ArrayExpress | 2014-05-06



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The budding yeast Centromere DNA Element II wraps a stable Cse4 hemisome in either orientation in vivo.

Henikoff Steven S   Ramachandran Srinivas S   Krassovsky Kristina K   Bryson Terri D TD   Codomo Christine A CA   Brogaard Kristin K   Widom Jonathan J   Wang Ji-Ping JP   Henikoff Jorja G JG  

eLife 20140415

In budding yeast, a single cenH3 (Cse4) nucleosome occupies the ∼120-bp functional centromere, however conflicting structural models for the particle have been proposed. To resolve this controversy, we have applied H4S47C-anchored cleavage mapping, which reveals the precise position of histone H4 in every nucleosome in the genome. We find that cleavage patterns at centromeres are unique within the genome and are incompatible with symmetrical structures, including octameric nucleosomes and (Cse4/  ...[more]

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