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Expression analysis of shoots in Olea europaea cultivar ‘Arbequina’ collected at different growth time

ABSTRACT: Genetic changes involved in the juvenile-to-adult transition in the shoot apex of Olea europaea L. occurs years before the first flowering. For the study of the genetic-expression pattern over development, 21 seedlings originating from open pollination of olive cultivar ‘Arbequina’ were grown in a greenhouse in Centro IFAPA “Churriana” Málaga, Spain. At the sixth month the apical shoot was removed and kept for genomic analysis. Any lateral shoot was removed to force the growth along just one axis. Every three months a new (1 cm long) apical-shoot tip was taken, which included the meristem down to two very small young leaves. When the apical-shoot tip is removed the two lateral buds immediately below are activated, one of them is removed, and the other one becomes the new apical-shoot tip. Seedlings reaching 50 nodes or 1 m high were allowed to form a top canopy. From then, the samples were taken from apical shoots of higher branches. We analyzed samples taken from the seedling/tree No 11, in a dense time-course study by microarray analysis. According to the nature of the samples, i.e. the main apical shoots, we had to use single samples during the first 6 to 15 months of growth. This limits the use of the statistics for this period but is compensated for by providing a series of consecutive data that make it possible to ascertain the time course of gene expression over plant development.

ORGANISM(S): Olea europaea  

SUBMITTER: Antonio Muñoz-Merida   Antonio Muñoz  Francisco Luque 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-52213 | ArrayExpress | 2013-11-09



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