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Gene expression data of hepatocytes derived from human fibroblasts, human iPSCs, and human adult hepatocytes

ABSTRACT: Generation of human fibroblast-derived hepatocytes capable of extensive proliferation, as evidenced by significant liver repopulation of mice. Unlike current protocols for deriving hepatocytes from human fibroblasts, ours did not generate iPSCs, but shortcut reprogramming to pluripotency to generate an induced multipotent progenitor cell (iMPC) stage from which endoderm progenitor cells (iMPC-EPCs) and subsequently hepatocytes (iMPC-Heps) could be efficiently differentiated. After transplantation into an immune-deficient mouse model of human liver failure, iMPC-Heps were able to engraft and proliferate, and acquired levels of hepatocyte function similar to adult hepatocytes. Microarray analysis has been used to show: 1. post-transplant maturation in vivo of iMPC-Heps compared to aHeps, 2. differences between iMPC-Heps and freshly isolated aHeps in vitro, 3. similar profile of freshly isolated aHeps to aHeps and iMPC-Heps in vivo, and 4. similarities of expression levels of most, but not all, genes between iMPC-Heps and iPSC-Heps in vitro. We isolated repopulating nodules of iMPC-Heps and aHeps by laser-capture microscopy (LCM) around 9 months after transplantation and analyzed their gene expression on the microarray, together with RNA from in vitro samples.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Sheng Ding   Jack Harbell  Saiyong Zhu  Milad Rezvani  Holger Willenbring 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-52309 | ArrayExpress | 2014-01-22



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