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Genome-wide transcriptional Responses to Fusarium oxysporum and Tomato mosaic virus in Tomato

ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to compare the tomato global transcriptional profiles in response to host attack by ToMV and Fol in order to identify genomic differences and similarities in incompatible interactions between a foliar and a vascular pathogen. In order to identify a set of genes of interest in tomato plants infected with F. oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (Fol) and Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV) a transcriptional analysis was performed. Tomato genes differentially expressed upon inoculation with Fol and ToMV were identified at 2 days post-inoculation, using an un-inoculated sample as reference.

ORGANISM(S): Solanum lycopersicum  

SUBMITTER: F Ferriello   Alberto Ferrarini  A Ferrarini  L Sigillo  G Andolfo  L Tardella  L Frusciante  M R Ercolano 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-52336 | ArrayExpress | 2015-11-12



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