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Expression data from leaf of (P. tomentosa x P. bolleana) x P. tomentosa under elevated CO2 concentrations

ABSTRACT: The atmosphere CO2 concentration keeps increasing every year. Use the Affymetrix poplar gene chip to confirm the expression changes in key genes in the triploid white poplar due to the influence of elevated CO2 concentrations. We used microarrays to detail the global programme of gene expression under normal and elevated CO2 concentrations. Gene expression of triploid white poplar ((P. tomentosa × P. bolleana)× P. tomentosa) leaves were investigated by using the Affymetrix poplar genome gene chip, after grown in controlled environment chambers under three different CO2 concentrations. Poplar leaves were subjected to normal CO2 concentrations (T0) and elevated CO2 concentrations (T1, 550 ppm and T2, 720 ppm) treatments three months.

SUBMITTER: Liu Juanjuan   Jianguo Zhang  Juanjuan Liu 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-55216 | ArrayExpress | 2014-05-24



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Genes responsive to elevated CO2 concentrations in triploid white poplar and integrated gene network analysis.

Liu Juanjuan J   Zhang Jianguo J   He Caiyun C   Duan Aiguo A  

PloS one 20140521 5

BACKGROUND: The atmospheric CO2 concentration increases every year. While the effects of elevated CO2 on plant growth, physiology and metabolism have been studied, there is now a pressing need to understand the molecular mechanisms of how plants will respond to future increases in CO2 concentration using genomic techniques. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Gene expression in triploid white poplar ((Populus tomentosa ×P. bolleana) ×P. tomentosa) leaves was investigated using the Affymetrix poplar genome gene  ...[more]

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