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Hmga2 is required for canonical WNT signaling during lung development

ABSTRACT: The high-mobility-group (HMG) proteins are the most abundant non-histone chromatin-associated proteins. Here we deciphered the role of the high mobility group AT-hook protein 2 (HMGA2) during lung development by analyzing the lung of Hmga2 deficient mice (Hmga2-/-).We found that Hmga2 is expressed in the mouse embryonic lung at the distal airways. Analysis of Hmga2-/- mice showed that Hmga2 is required for proper cell proliferation and distal epithelium differentiation during embryonic lung development. Hmga2 knockout (KO) led to enhanced canonical WNT signaling due to an increased expression of secreted WNT glycoproteins Wnt2b, Wnt7b and Wnt11 as well as a reduction of the WNT signaling antagonizing proteins GATA6 (GATA binding protein 6) and FZD2 (frizzled homolog 2). Comparison of Hmga2-/- with Hmga2+/+ mice by Affymetrix microarray-based expression analysis of embryonic lung revealed an increased expression of genes whose products participate in cell cycle and canonical Wnt signaling. Affymetrix microarray transcriptome analysis of Hmga2-/- and Hmga2+/+ embryonic lung (E18.5) was performed and analyzed

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Thomas Braun   Hector A Cabrera-Fuentes  Adriana Contreras  Gianni Carraro  Guillermo Barreto  Aditi Mehta  Indrabahadur Singh  Thomas Boettger  Werner Seeger  Saverio Bellusci  Matthew Wheeler 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-55340 | ArrayExpress | 2014-03-07



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