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Transcriptomes for hybrids (F1s) between 18 Arabidopsis thaliana parents of the Multiparent Advanced Generation Inter-Cross (MAGIC) genetic mapping resource

ABSTRACT: We produced RNA-Seq reads from messenger RNA isolated from aerial seedling tissue for 9 hybrids (F1s) generated by crossing in a pairwise manner 18 of the founding accessions (inbred strains) of the Multiparent Advanced Generation Inter-Cross (MAGIC) genetic mapping resource for Arabidopsis thaliana (see Gan et al. 2011. Nature, 477:419-23 for a description of the MAGIC genetic mapping resource). The resulting RNA-Seq data provides a resource to assess allele-specific gene expression between A. thaliana accessions. With 18 of the MAGIC parental inbred accessions (Bur-0, Can-0, Col-0, Ct-1, Edi-0, Hi-0, Kn-0, Ler-0, Mt-0, No-0, Oy-0, Rsch-4, Sf-2, Tsu-0, Wil-2, Ws-0, Wu-0, and Zu-0) crosses were performed to generate 9 sets of F1 progeny from which RNA was extracted with biological replication (three replicates) and for which mRNA-seq was performed to generate strand-specific reads. Library construction and sequencing was performed such that each set of biological replicates were sequenced as a pool (with 9-plex barcoding; each 9-plex was run on two HiSeq lanes).


ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Richard M Clark   Robert T Greenhalgh  Andre H Kurlovs  Edward J Osborne  Li Lei  Joshua G Steffen  Christopher M Toomajian 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-55482 | ArrayExpress | 2014-03-01



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