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Runx+ HSPC, kdrl+ endothelial, and negative cells sorted from DMSO- or Lycorine-treated 3 dpf zebrafish embryos

ABSTRACT: The zebrafish is a powerful model for the study of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPC). We have developed a novel HSPC-specific transgenic line (Runx1+23:GFP). We have used this line in time-lapse live imaging studies to track the migration of HSPC during development. We have also performed a chemical genetic screen to find small molecules that modulate HSPC numbers during development. Treating embryos from 2-3 days post fertilization (2-3 dpf) then fixing for in situ staining with HSPC probes cmyb and runx1, we found the compound lycorine increased HSPC numbers. Applying this compound during time-lapse live imaging showed increased accumulation of Runx+ HSPC in the caudal hematopoietic tissue (CHT). Treatment from 2-3 dpf, then washing off the compound, had a sustained effect on the size of the HSPC with Runx+ numbers higher at 5 and 7 dpf. We have performed microarray analysis to elucidate the molecular changes within HSPC and endothelial cells after Lycorine treatment. We treated Runx1+23:GFP;kdrl:DsRed2 embryos from 2-3 dpf with 75 uM lycorine in 1% DMSO. We then dissociated the embryos and sorted the Runx+ GFP cells, the kdrl+ DsRed2 cells, and the non-fluorescent negative cells from the total embryo as a comparator population. Total RNA was amplified and biotin labled for hybridization on Affymetrix microarrays. 18 samples were collected and analyzed. There are 3 biological replicates. There are 3 cell type populations: 1) Runx+ HSPC; 2) kdrl+ endothelial cells; 3) non-fluorescent negative cells. There are cell populations from dissociated Lycorine-treated embryo pools, and control DMSO-treated embryo pools.

ORGANISM(S): Danio rerio  

SUBMITTER: Leonard I Zon   Owen J Tamplin  Owen James Tamplin 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-56015 | ArrayExpress | 2015-01-15



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