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Gene expression profiling of 5 pea aphid morphs

ABSTRACT: Purpose: Identify differentially expressed genes between 5 pea aphid morphs Methods: Collected whole bodies of 30 adult aphids of each of the five pea morphs and three clones (total of 15 samples) 5 pea aphid morphs * 3 genotypes = 15 samples

ORGANISM(S): Acyrthosiphon pisum  

SUBMITTER: Swapna R. Purandare   Swapna R Purandare  Jennifer A Brisson 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-56830 | ArrayExpress | 2014-06-04



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Accelerated evolution of morph-biased genes in pea aphids.

Purandare Swapna R SR   Bickel Ryan D RD   Jaquiery Julie J   Rispe Claude C   Brisson Jennifer A JA  

Molecular biology and evolution 20140426 8

Phenotypic plasticity, the production of alternative phenotypes (or morphs) from the same genotype due to environmental factors, results in some genes being expressed in a morph-biased manner. Theoretically, these morph-biased genes experience relaxed selection, the consequence of which is the buildup of slightly deleterious mutations at these genes. Over time, this is expected to result in increased protein divergence at these genes between species and a signature of relaxed purifying selection  ...[more]

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