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Early depletion of primordial germ cells in zebrafish promotes testis formation

ABSTRACT: The requirement for primordial germ cells (PGCs) during sexual differentiation is variable among vertebrates. It has been shown that in zebrafish complete loss of PGCs in the embryos causes exclusive male development. Further, transplantation of a single PGC into a germline deficient zebrafish embryos generates male exclusively, suggesting PGC number might be important for the ovarian fate.To explore how PGC number might regulate sexual development in zebrafish, we experimentally manipulated its number by injecting dnd MO into embryos to generate fish containing a spectrum of PGC number. The experiment was designed to compare transcriptomes between the developing trunk regions of wild type and dnd morphants at different developmental stages. The dnd MO was microinjected into one cell stage embryos to generate zebrafish with a range of PGC numbers. Transcriptomes of developing trunk regions of wild type and dnd morphants at 14 dpf and 22 dpf were analyzed.

ORGANISM(S): Danio rerio  

SUBMITTER: Laszlo Orban   Keh-Weei Tzung 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-57046 | ArrayExpress | 2015-05-08



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As complete absence of germ cells leads to sterile males in zebrafish, we explored the relationship between primordial germ cell (PGC) number and sexual development. Our results revealed dimorphic proliferation of PGCs in the early zebrafish larvae, marking the beginning of sexual differentiation. We applied morpholino-based gene knockdown and cell transplantation strategies to demonstrate that a threshold number of PGCs is required for the stability of ovarian fate. Using histology and transcri  ...[more]

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