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Sugar-dependent gene expression in xylose grown A. thaliana cell suspension culture

ABSTRACT: Sugars modulate expression of hundreds of genes in plants. Previous studies on sugar signaling, using intact plants or plant tissues, were hampered by tissue heterogeneity, uneven sugar transport and/or inter-conversions of the applied sugars. This, in turn, could obscure the identity of a specific sugar that acts as a signal affecting expression of given gene in a given tissue or cell-type. To bypass those biases, we have developed a novel biological system, based on stem-cell-like Arabidopsis suspension culture. The cells were grown in a hormone-free medium and were sustained on xylose as the only carbon source. The functional genomics approach was used to identify sugar responsive genes, which rapidly (within 1 h) respond specifically to low concentration (1 mM) of glucose, fructose and/or sucrose. A habituated A. thaliana cell culture grown in a hormone free full strength MS media in the dark was adapted to growth on xylose as the only carbon source in the media.The cells were subjected to a 1 hour treatment with 1 mM of either Fru, Glc, Suc or Xyl (control). The experiments were carried out in 3 biological repeats per treatment. Whole genome expression analysis was conducted by hybridization of the extracted RNA to the Affymetrix Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array.

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Edouard Pesquet   Leszek A Kleczkowski  Leszek Kleczkowski  Sabine Kunz 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-57751 | ArrayExpress | 2014-05-16



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