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Isolation and Characterisation of a Novel Trophoblast Hoescht Side-Population with Stem Cell Properties from First Trimester Placentae

ABSTRACT: In this work, we have isolated a Hoescht side-population of trophoblasts from first trimester human placentae that cluster separately from more differentiated trophoblast populations, and have a transcriptomic profile indicative of a stem cell population. Hoescht side-population cells were compared in quintuplicate with extravillous trophoblasts and cytotrophoblasts extracted from the same placentae, giving a total of 15 samples.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Daniel Glyn Hurley   P Pantham  J L James  T Zhang  P Murthi  L W Chamley  D G Hurley  R Vather 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-57834 | ArrayExpress | 2015-11-03



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Isolation and characterisation of a novel trophoblast side-population from first trimester placentae.

James J L JL   Hurley D G DG   Gamage T K J B TK   Zhang T T   Vather R R   Pantham P P   Murthi P P   Chamley L W LW  

Reproduction (Cambridge, England) 20150806 5

The placenta is responsible for all nutrient and gas exchange between mother and baby during pregnancy. The differentiation of specialised placental epithelial cells called trophoblasts is essential for placental function, but we understand little about how these populations arise. Mouse trophoblast stem cells have allowed us to understand many of the factors that regulate murine trophoblast lineage development, but the human placenta is anatomically very different from the mouse, and it is impe  ...[more]

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