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Effect of type 2 diabetes on transcriptional signatures during exercise and recovery

ABSTRACT: We performed gene expression microarray analysis of skeletal muscle biopsies from normal glucose tolerant subjects and type 2 diabetes subjects obtained during a 60 min bicycle ergometer exercise and the 180 min of recovery phase We analysed skeletal mucle biopsies from patients with T2D and from control subjects (n=7 each) at three time points during exercise and recovery

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Peter Plomgaard   Jakob Hansen  Miriam Hoene  Martin Irmler  Martin Hrabé de Angelis  Cora Weigert  Bente K Pedersen  Johannes Beckers  Hans U Häring  Rainer Lehmann  Mika Scheler 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-59363 | ArrayExpress | 2015-07-03



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Type 2 diabetes alters metabolic and transcriptional signatures of glucose and amino acid metabolism during exercise and recovery.

Hansen Jakob S JS   Zhao Xinjie X   Irmler Martin M   Liu Xinyu X   Hoene Miriam M   Scheler Mika M   Li Yanjie Y   Beckers Johannes J   Hrabĕ de Angelis Martin M   Häring Hans-Ulrich HU   Pedersen Bente K BK   Lehmann Rainer R   Xu Guowang G   Plomgaard Peter P   Weigert Cora C  

Diabetologia 20150612 8

The therapeutic benefit of physical activity to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes is commonly accepted. However, the impact of the disease on the acute metabolic response is less clear. To this end, we investigated the effect of type 2 diabetes on exercise-induced plasma metabolite changes and the muscular transcriptional response using a complementary metabolomics/transcriptomics approach.We analysed 139 plasma metabolites and hormones at nine time points, and whole genome expression in skeleta  ...[more]

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