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MiRNA expression of whole hippocampus 24hr post-injury in rat

ABSTRACT: Traumatic brain injury dysregulates microRNA expression in the brain. We hypothesized that injury-induced epigenetic changes contribute to neurodegeneration and learning and memory deficits after TBI. These changes may provide a mechanistic explanation for neuropsychiatric comorbidities in TBI patients. Our objective is to compare and contrast the effects of several neuroprotective drugs (JM6, PMI-006 and E33-estrogen) on the TBI-induced changes in microRNA expression in the hippocampus, a region of the brain that is critical for learning and memory. We will also study if different neuroprotective drugs have similar effects on common microRNAs which may cooperatively regulate a common set of gene targets. 3 biological samples each of Naïve, Sham control, TBI and TBI plus JM6, TI plus PMI-006, and TBI plus E33 rat hippocampi were obtained 24 hr post-sham injury or TBI, stored in RNA later and sent to GenUs Biosystems for microRNA microarray analysis.

ORGANISM(S): Rattus norvegicus  

SUBMITTER: Helen L Hellmich  Michael T Falduto   Deborah K Boone   Michael Falduto   Min Bi   Karen E Torres   Harris Weisz    

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-59646 | ArrayExpress | 2015-01-10



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