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300 ppm Citrinin treatment for 2 h

ABSTRACT: This SuperSeries is composed of the following subset Series: GSE6101: 300 ppm Citrinin treatment for 2 h (GPL4399) GSE6111: 300 ppm Citrinin treatment for 2 h (GPL1945) Keywords: SuperSeries Refer to individual Series

ORGANISM(S): Saccharomyces cerevisiae  

SUBMITTER: Emiko Kitagawa  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-6118 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-10



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Evaluation of toxicity of the mycotoxin citrinin using yeast ORF DNA microarray and Oligo DNA microarray.

Iwahashi Hitoshi H   Kitagawa Emiko E   Suzuki Yoshiteru Y   Ueda Youji Y   Ishizawa Yo-hei YH   Nobumasa Hitoshi H   Kuboki Yoshihide Y   Hosoda Hiroshi H   Iwahashi Yumiko Y  

BMC genomics 20070405

BACKGROUND: Mycotoxins are fungal secondary metabolites commonly present in feed and food, and are widely regarded as hazardous contaminants. Citrinin, one of the very well known mycotoxins that was first isolated from Penicillium citrinum, is produced by more than 10 kinds of fungi, and is possibly spread all over the world. However, the information on the action mechanism of the toxin is limited. Thus, we investigated the citrinin-induced genomic response for evaluating its toxicity. RESULTS:  ...[more]