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GeoChip data of soil microbial communities in the maize rhizosphere and bulk soils

ABSTRACT: Microbial communities in the rhizosphere make significant contributions to crop health and nutrient cycling. However, their ability to perform important biogeochemical processes remains uncharacterized. Important functional genes, which characterize the rhizosphere microbial community, were identified to understand metabolic capabilities in the maize rhizosphere using GeoChip 3.0-based functional gene array method. Triplicate samples were taken for both rhizosphere and bulk soil, in which each individual sample was a pool of four plants or soil cores. To determine the abundance of functional genes in the rhizosphere and bulk soils, GeoChip 3.0 was used.

ORGANISM(S): uncultured bacterium  

SUBMITTER: Zhili He   Jingbo Xiong  Xiangzhen Li  Junpeng Rui  Anthony C Yannarell  Jiabao Li  Jizhong Zhou  Roderick I Mackie 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-61338 | ArrayExpress | 2014-09-12



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