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Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of undifferentiated rat embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells

ABSTRACT: Validation study of a focused microarray for evaluation of undifferentiated rat ESCs.Using a focused microarray, undifferentiated embryonic stem cells (ESCs) can be distinguished from differentiated ESCs and other cells derived from the early embryo since they have a unique gene expression pattern associated with pluripotency and lack of markers of differentiation. To date, however, such an array has not been developed for the rat species and differences in genomes of rat and human or rat and mouse preclude the use of ESC focused human or mouse microarrays for the rat. Here, we developed a focused microarray for screening rat ESCs and provide validation data that this array can distinguish undifferentiated rat ESCs from rat trophoblast stem cells (TS), rat extraembryonic endoderm cells (XEN), mouse embryonic fibroblast feeder cells (MEFs) and rat ESCs that have been differentiated in vitro. We used this tool to compare rat ESCs which have been expanded in a conventional rat ESC medium containing two inhibitors, e.g., GSK3 and MEK inhibitors, and leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF), and found expression of Cdx2, a gene associated with trophoblast determination. The rat ESC focused microarray described in this report has utility for rapid screening rat ESCs. This will enable optimization of culture conditions in the future. qRT-PCR gene expression profiling of undifferentiated ESCs and iPS cells. Equal amounts (1000ng) total RNA from each cell line was used in independent trials conducted by two investigators, these are technical replicates.

ORGANISM(S): Rattus norvegicus  

SUBMITTER: Pavan Rajanahalli   Hongzhou Huang  Mark Louis Weiss  He Hong  Mark L Weiss 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-61731 | ArrayExpress | 2014-09-25



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