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Whole gene expression data from osteocyte-like cell line MLO-Y4 under large gradient high magnetic field (LG-HMF)

ABSTRACT: osteocyte is the mechanosensor in bone, taking up pivotal position in mediating the mechano-induced bone remodeling. Dimagnetic levitation has been used to stimulating a reduced gravity environment for studing the effects of changed gravity to different organisms.we constructed a superconducting magnet based platform with a large gradient high magnetic field(LG-HMF),which can provide three apparent gravity levels (μ-g,1-g and 2-g). osteocytes are sensetive to gravitational changes, our aim is to explore what responses do osteocytes exists under different gravitational environments in gene level, together with filtering the up- and down-regulated genes. mouse osteocyte-like cell line MLO-Y4 were cultured under three different apparent gravity levels (μ-g,1-g and 2-g) and normal gravity environment (control) for 48 hours, after which total RNA was extracted . And then RNA samples hybridized on affymetrix microarrays to obtain the whole genome expression profiles. the aim that we selected 48 hours as the cell culture time was to make a comparison with our previous researches of osteocytes.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Peng Shang   Airong Qian  Zhihao Chen  Yulong Sun  Lifang Hu  Chun Yin  Fan Zhao  Dijie Li  Yang Wang  Jianhua Ma 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-62128 | ArrayExpress | 2015-02-02



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GeneChip expression profiling reveals the alterations of energy metabolism related genes in osteocytes under large gradient high magnetic fields.

Wang Yang Y   Chen Zhi-Hao ZH   Yin Chun C   Ma Jian-Hua JH   Li Di-Jie DJ   Zhao Fan F   Sun Yu-Long YL   Hu Li-Fang LF   Shang Peng P   Qian Ai-Rong AR  

PloS one 20150130 1

The diamagnetic levitation as a novel ground-based model for simulating a reduced gravity environment has recently been applied in life science research. In this study a specially designed superconducting magnet with a large gradient high magnetic field (LG-HMF), which can provide three apparent gravity levels (μ-g, 1-g, and 2-g), was used to simulate a space-like gravity environment. Osteocyte, as the most important mechanosensor in bone, takes a pivotal position in mediating the mechano-induce  ...[more]

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