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Large scale gene expression of Vero cell correlated to infection of infectious bursal disease virus

ABSTRACT: Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) is the pathogenic agent of infectious bursal disease (IBD). Scine it was observed in 1957, IBD spread worldwidely in the chicken flocks, is a important immunosuppressive disease and an threat to poultry industry. Although many studies have be done about IBDV, interaction of IBDV infection and IBDV-encoding genes to host cell gene expression are little known. In this study, the LongSAGE library of Vero-cell, IBDV- infected vero cell, Vero-cell transfected with IBDV-VP5 gene, Vero-cell transfected with IBDV A frament and Vero-cell transfected with IBDV VP243 frament were obtained. We got 96,213 gene tags (17 nucleotides), which represented 24,475 transcripts. Keywords: Transcripts of different state vero-cell 1.Cloning of the full-length genomic A-segment, VP5 ORF cDNA, VP243 ORF cDNA of IBDV 2.Establishing cloned Vero cell lines expressing VP5, VP243 and A fragment of IBDV 3.Construction of Long-SAGE libraries 4. Sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Chlorocebus aethiops  

SUBMITTER: Juxiu Ye   Yongping Wu  Junqing Guo  Jiyong Zhou  Yongzhi Wang  Xiaojuan Zheng  Lianlian Hong  Lingyan Li  Qingxin Chen 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-6243 | ArrayExpress | 2007-11-04



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