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Expression profile of primary and wound metastatic lesions of melanoma

ABSTRACT: The phenomenon that metastatic lesion developed on injured sites has long been recognized in a number of cancers, such as melanoma. The factors associated with wound healing that attract circulating tumor cells have remained unknown, however. A patient with acral lentiginous melanoma presented with a metastatic lesion that appeared 1 month after trauma. To explore the molecular mechanism underlying the promotion of wound metastasis in melanoma, we performed microarray analysis of the metastatic lesions (n = 2) and the primary lesions (n = 3) of the patient. Using Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 array, we compared global gene expression profiles of tissues derived from the patient’s primary (n = 3) and wound metastatic (n = 2) lesions to search for particular biological functions in genes of which expression intensities were increased in the wound metastasic lesions of melanoma.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Keitaro Fukuda  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-62837 | ArrayExpress | 2015-06-26



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Periostin Is a Key Niche Component for Wound Metastasis of Melanoma.

Fukuda Keitaro K   Sugihara Eiji E   Ohta Shoichiro S   Izuhara Kenji K   Funakoshi Takeru T   Amagai Masayuki M   Saya Hideyuki H  

PloS one 20150617 6

Tissue injury promotes metastasis of several human cancers, although factors associated with wound healing that attract circulating tumor cells have remained unknown. Here, we examined the primary and metastatic lesions that appeared 1 month after trauma in a patient with acral lentiginous melanoma. The levels of mRNA for periostin (POSTN), type 1 collagen, and fibronectin were significantly increased in the metastatic lesion relative to the primary lesion. The increase of these extracellular ma  ...[more]

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