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Expression data from embryonic chicken feather and scale skins

ABSTRACT: Epithelial appendages are the product of epithelial – mesenchymal interactions. Tissue recombination experiments showed that in general, the dermis determines the phenotype of the epithelial appendage. Chicken dorsal skin epithelium interacts with its underlying mesenchyme to form feathers beginning at E7 (H&H stage 31), while metatarsal scale epithelium interacts with its mesenchyme to form scales beginning at E9 (H&H stage 35) which stabilize around E12 (H&H stage 38). We sought to evaluate the molecular differences of tissues with different competence and inductive abilities to form feathers and scales. Chicken embryos were selected to obtain competent E7 and non-competent at E9 feather forming skin from dorsal. The competent E9 and non-competent E11 meta-tarsal scale forming skin from metatarsal were selected for examing the differences in regional specificity. Epithelium and mesenchyme from each skin were prepared separately. Samples were prepared for RNA extraction and hybridization on Affymetrix microarrays. We gathered 8 sets of samples for the analysis: undifferentiated E7 feather skin epithelium (E7fe) and mesenchyme (E7fm); differentiated E9 feather skin epithelium (E9fe) and mesenchyme (E9fm); undifferentiated E9 scale skin epithelium (E9se) and mesenchyme (E9sm); and differentiated E11 scale skin epithelium (E11se) and mesenchyme (E11sm)

ORGANISM(S): Gallus gallus  

SUBMITTER: Michael W Hughes   Chen-Ming Chuong  Michael W. Hughes 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-62882 | ArrayExpress | 2015-07-01



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