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Deep Sequencing Analysis of miRNAs Expression in Breast Muscle of Fast-Growing and Slow-Growing Broilers

ABSTRACT: To investigate the function of miRNAs in chicken growth, breast muscle tissues of the two-tail samples (highest and lowest body weight) from Recessive White Rock (WRR) and Xinghua Chickens (XH) were performed on high throughput small RNA deep sequencing. In this study, a total of 921 miRNAs were identified, including 733 known mature miRNAs and 188 novel miRNAs. There were 200, 279, 257 and 297 differentially expressed miRNAs in the contrasts of WRRh Vs. WRRl, WRRh Vs. XHh, WRRl Vs. XHl, and XHh Vs. XHl group, respectively. A total of 22 serious differentially expressed miRNAs (fold change > 2 or < 0.5; P-value < 0.05; q-value < 0.01) which also have abundant expression (read counts > 1,000) were found in our contrasts. As far as two contrasts (WRRh Vs. WRRl, and XHh Vs. XHl) are concerned, we found 80 common differentially expressed miRNAs, meanwhile 110 miRNAs were found in WRRh Vs. XHh and WRRl Vs. XHl. Furthermore, only 26 common miRNAs were identified among all of four contrasts. Examination of miRNA profiles in two-tail samples of WRR and XH strains.

ORGANISM(S): Gallus gallus  

SUBMITTER: Hongjia Ouyang   OuYang Hongjia  Xiaomei He  Qinghua Nie 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-62971 | ArrayExpress | 2014-11-05



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