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The VELVET complex in the gray mold fungus Botrytis cinerea: impact of BcLAE1 on differentiation, secondary metabolism and virulence

ABSTRACT: Full transcriptomes of the Botrytis cinerea wild-type strain B0510 and the null-mutants deltaBcVEL1 and deltaBcLAE1, cultured onto solid grape juice medium with cellophane overlays , were compared to identify BcVEL1 or/and BcLAE1-dependent genes. The Botrytis cinerea wild-type strain and the null-mutants deltaBcVEL1 and BcLAE1 were cultured for 48h onto solid grape juice medium with cellophane overlays. 4 replicates were performed. The 12 total-RNA samples (3 strains* 4 replicates) were used for hybridization on NimbleGen 4plex gene expression arrays (20,885 gene models from Botrytis cinerea with three 60-mer probes per gene).

ORGANISM(S): Botrytis cinerea  

SUBMITTER: Stefanie Traeger   Antoine Porquier  Kim C Cohrs  Adeline Simon  Muriel Viaud  Adeline SIMON  Bettina Tudzynski  Julia Schumacher  Berengere Dalmais 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-63021 | ArrayExpress | 2015-02-01



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The VELVET Complex in the Gray Mold Fungus Botrytis cinerea: Impact of BcLAE1 on Differentiation, Secondary Metabolism, and Virulence.

Schumacher Julia J   Simon Adeline A   Cohrs Kim C KC   Traeger Stefanie S   Porquier Antoine A   Dalmais Bérengère B   Viaud Muriel M   Tudzynski Bettina B  

Molecular plant-microbe interactions : MPMI 20150623 6

Botrytis cinerea, the gray mold fungus, is an important plant pathogen. Field populations are characterized by variability with regard to morphology, the mode of reproduction (conidiation or sclerotia formation), the spectrum of secondary metabolites (SM), and virulence. Natural variation in bcvel1 encoding the ortholog of Aspergillus nidulans VeA, a member of the VELVET complex, was previously shown to affect light-dependent differentiation, the formation of oxalic acid (OA), and virulence. To  ...[more]

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