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Hsa-miR-503, hsa-miR-103, and hsa-miR-494 genome wide target profiles [RNA-Seq and RIP-Seq]

ABSTRACT: We constructed a genome wide target profile of hsa-miR-503, hsa-miR-103, and hsa-miR-494 by sequencing RNA isolated from Ago2 immunoprecipitations and total RNA samples following transfection of the respective miRNA in mature duplex form Examination of mRNA levels in HeLa cells and Ago2 immunoprecipitations from HeLa cells following miR-503, miR-103, or miR-494 mature duplex or control siRNA transfection

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Vishy Iyer   Vishwanath Iyer  Damon Polioudakis 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-64615 | ArrayExpress | 2015-02-04



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miR-503 represses human cell proliferation and directly targets the oncogene DDHD2 by non-canonical target pairing.

Polioudakis Damon D   Abell Nathan S NS   Iyer Vishwanath R VR  

BMC genomics 20150205

The pathways regulating the transition of mammalian cells from quiescence to proliferation are mediated by multiple miRNAs. Despite significant improvements in our understanding of miRNA targeting, the majority of miRNA regulatory networks are still largely unknown and require experimental validation.Here we identified miR-503, miR-103, and miR-494 as negative regulators of proliferation in primary human cells. We experimentally determined their genome wide target profiles using RNA-induced sile  ...[more]

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