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Ectomycorrhizal fungi decompose humus-rich litter material using oxidative mechanisms adapted from saprotrophic ancestors

ABSTRACT: Decomposition of soil organic matter in forest soils is thought to be controlled by the activity of saprotrophic fungi, while biotrophic fungi including ectomycorrhizal fungi act as vectors for input of plant carbon. The limited decomposing ability of ectomycorrhizal fungi is supported by recent findings showing that they have lost many of the genes that encode hydrolytic plant cell-wall degrading enzymes in their saprophytic ancestors. Nevertheless, here we demonstrate that ectomycorrhizal fungi representing at least four origins of symbiosis have retained significant capacity to degrade humus-rich litter amended with glucose. Spectroscopy showed that this decomposition involves an oxidative mechanism and that the extent of oxidation varies with the phylogeny and ecology of the species. RNA-Seq analyses revealed that the genome-wide set of expressed transcripts during litter decomposition has diverged over evolutionary time. Each species expressed a unique set of enzymes that are involved in oxidative lignocellulose degradation by saprotrophic fungi. A comparison of closely related species within the Boletales showed that ectomycorrhizal fungi oxidized litter material as efficiently as brown-rot saprotrophs. The ectomycorrhizal species within this clade exhibited more similar decomposing mechanisms than expected from the species phylogeny in concordance with adaptive evolution occurring as a result of similar selection pressures. Our data shows that ectomycorrhizal fungi are potential organic matter decomposers, yet not saprotrophs. We suggest that the primary function of this decomposing activity is to mobilize nutrients embedded in organic matter complexes and that the activity is driven by host carbon supply. Comparative transcriptomics of ectomycorrhizal (ECM) versus brown-rot (BR) fungi while degrading soil-organic matter

SUBMITTER: Per Persson   Magnus Ellström  Björn Canbäck  Anders Tunlid  Bernard Henrissat  Johan Bentzer  Dirk Hoffmeister  Rober Carleer  Francis Martin  David S Hibbet  César Nicolás  Tomas Johansson  Gerald Lackner  Firoz Shah  Dag Ahrén  Francois Rineau  Mark Smits  Jana Braesel 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-64897 | ArrayExpress | 2015-09-24



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