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A genome-wide analysis of PhoP~P binding to chromosomal DNA reveals several novel features of the PhoPR-mediated phosphate limitation response in Bacillus subtilis

ABSTRACT: Identification of the specific PhoP binding regions on the B. subtilis chromosome during exponential and phosphate starvation growth phases. The data serves to extend the PhoPR regulon in Bacillus subtilis and its role in adaptation to phosphate-limiting conditions and cell wall metabolism, as well as implying a role in several other cellular processes. For each sample analyzed in this study three biological replicates were performed. Three different samples were taken from a strain expressing the PhoP-SPA protein as well as from wild-type (168) without a tagged PhoP. Samples were taken from exponentially growing cells in low phosphate medium (LPDM) as well as from phosphate-limited cells (T2). Each sample compares ChIP DNA vs. Total DNA from the same cells.

SUBMITTER: Kevin M Devine   Karsten Hokamp  Letal I Salzberg 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-65273 | ArrayExpress | 2015-03-05



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