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Mitochondrial supplementation at fertilization enhances early developmental outcome

ABSTRACT: Competent oocytes can be discriminated by BCB staining. Positive stained oocytes are considered more competent than BCB negative oocyte, and injection of BCB+ oocyte extracted mitochondria into BCB negative oocytse can increase fertilisation and blastocyst rate. Here we have analysed the impact of mitochondrial supplementation on subsequent blastocyst transcriptome using agilent one color microarray that is specificly design to study the porcine embryo preimplantation period. Blastocysts were produced by intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) from BCB positive and BCB negative oocytes as well as BCB negative oocytes supplemented with mitochondrial extract during ICSI (mICSI), and 3-4 single blatocyst transcriptomes were analysed for each group. 3-4 single blastocysts were analysed at the RNA level after whole transcriptome amplification, and level of gene expression was compared between groups, i.e ICSI BCB+ blastocysts (4), ICSI BCB- blastocysts (3) and mICSI BCB- blastocysts (4).

ORGANISM(S): Sus scrofa  

SUBMITTER: Gael Cagnone   Justin St. John  Tesha Tsai  Justin C St. John  Matthew McKenzie  Pamela Matthews 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-65310 | ArrayExpress | 2016-09-01



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