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Widespread Occurrence of m6A in bacterial mRNA

ABSTRACT: N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is one of the most abundant modifications in eukaryotic RNA. Recent mapping of m6A methylomes in mammals, yeast, and plants as well as characterization of m6A methyltransferases, demethylases, and binding proteins have revealed regulatory functions of this dynamic RNA modification. In bacteria, although m6A is present in ribosomal RNA (rRNA), its occurrence in messenger RNA (mRNA) still remains elusive. Here, we used liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) to calculate the m6A/A ratio in mRNA from a wide range of bacterial species, which demonstrates that m6A is an abundant mRNA modification in tested bacteria. Subsequent transcriptome-wide m6A profiling in Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa revealed a conserved distinct m6A pattern that is significantly different from that in eukaryotes. Most m6A peaks are located inside open reading frames (ORF), and carry a unique consensus motif (GCCAU). Functional enrichment analysis of bacterial m6A peaks indicates that the majority of m6A-modified transcripts are associated with respiration, amino acids metabolism, stress response, and small RNAs genes, suggesting potential regulatory roles of m6A in these pathways. m6A profiling in E.coli and P.aeruginosa mRNA


PROVIDER: E-GEOD-65347 | ArrayExpress | 2015-07-08



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Widespread occurrence of N6-methyladenosine in bacterial mRNA.

Deng Xin X   Chen Kai K   Luo Guan-Zheng GZ   Weng Xiaocheng X   Ji Quanjiang Q   Zhou Tianhong T   He Chuan C  

Nucleic acids research 20150611 13

N(6)-methyladenosine (m(6)A) is the most abundant internal modification in eukaryotic messenger RNA (mRNA). Recent discoveries of demethylases and specific binding proteins of m(6)A as well as m(6)A methylomes obtained in mammals, yeast and plants have revealed regulatory functions of this RNA modification. Although m(6)A is present in the ribosomal RNA of bacteria, its occurrence in mRNA still remains elusive. Here, we have employed ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography coupled with triple-  ...[more]

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