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Tat controls RNA Polymerase II and the epigenetic landscape to precisely rewire cellular transcriptional programs (RNA-Seq)

ABSTRACT: Transcription factors mediate precise regulation of gene expression programs to modulate key biological processes. In addition to controlling HIV transcription, Tat appears to modulate cellular transcription to alter the biology of target immune cells and generate a permissive state for HIV infection. However, the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional control have remained elusive. Here, we identified the direct target genes of Tat using genomics and defined mechanisms by which Tat selectively rewires cellular transcriptional programs. Interestingly, Tat functions as both transcriptional activator and repressor of a defined set of genes sharing functional annotations and regulated by master transcriptional regulators such as T-cell identity factors. Tat is recruited to precise genomic domains (promoters and intragenic enhancers) through interaction with master transcriptional regulators to control both the transcription initiation and elongation steps. Tat mediates transcription initiation by modulating Pol II recruitment to promoters and intragenic enhancers and fine-tuning chromatin looping. Tat stimulates or blocks RNA Polymerase (Pol) II recruitment or promoter-proximal pause release thereby promoting gene activation or repression, respectively. Global analysis of chromatin signatures revealed correlation of transcription activity marks with Pol II recruitment or pause release status at gene promoters and enhancers, and transcription elongation at coding units. We propose that Tat has evolved these unique properties to hijack precise genomic domains to control cellular transcription using unexpected regulatory mechanisms, which showed marked differences to the regulation of the HIV genome. Our studies also reveal that Tat can be used as a molecular probe to decode general principles of transcriptional regulation. Tat vs. GFP

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Ivan D'Orso   Jonathan E Reeder  Iván D'Orso 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-65688 | ArrayExpress | 2015-06-15



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