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Genome-wide OxyR and SoxRS transcriptional regulatory networks coordinate complex cellular responses to oxidative stress [ChIP-seq]

ABSTRACT: Oxidative stress that originates from reactive oxygen species (ROS) is an inevitable consequence of aerobic respiration in bacteria. Three transcription factors (TFs), OxyR, SoxR, and SoxS play a critical role in transcriptional regulation of the defense system. However, the full genome-wide regulatory potential of them remains elusive. Here, we comprehensively reconstruct genome-wide OxyR, SoxR, and SoxS transcriptional regulatory networks in Escherichia coli under oxidative stress. Integrative data analysis reveals that OxyR, SoxR, and SoxS regulons are comprised of 38 genes in 28 transcription units (TUs), 11 genes in 10 TUs, and 34 genes in 25 TUs, respectively, significantly expanding the current knowledge of their regulatory networks. Comparison of them to other stress-response regulatory networks highlights minimal overlap between their regulons, indicating that E. coli has a series of relatively distinct stress responses covering the range of different stresses. We also demonstrate that these intricate networks coordinate detoxification process with DNA and protein damage repair, cell wall synthesis, divalent metal ion homeostasis, as well as metabolic robustness to produce overall response of E. coli to oxidative stress. A total of six samples were analyzed. oxyR-8myc, soxR-8myc, and soxS-8myc tagged cells were cultured in M9 minimal media with 0.2% glucose. Then cells were treated with 250 uM of paraquat at mid-log pahse for 20 min with agitation.

ORGANISM(S): Escherichia coli  

SUBMITTER: Donghyuk Kim   Sang W Seo 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-65710 | ArrayExpress | 2015-08-13



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