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Effect of vitrification using the Cryotop method on the gene expression profile of in vitro-produced bovine embryos

ABSTRACT: Changes in gene expression induced by the Cryotop vitrification procedure in bovine blastocysts using Agilent EmbryoGENE microarray slides. Bovine in vitro-produced embryos at the blastocyst stage (144 to 156 hours post insemination) were vitrified using the Cryotop system and compared with non-vitrified (control) embryos. After vitrification, the embryos were warmed and cultured for an additional 4 hours. Embryos that re-expanded or developed to the expanded blastocyst stage were used for microarray analysis. Four pools of vitrified embryos were hybridized against four pools of control embryos in a dye-swap design.

ORGANISM(S): Bos indicus  

SUBMITTER: Marc-André Sirard   Ligiane O Leme  Isabelle Dufort  Margot A Dode  Maurício M Franco  José F Sprícigo  Thiago F Braga 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-65953 | ArrayExpress | 2015-08-03



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